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Where It All Started


I though an appropriate first post would be an actual post about trains. This isn’t something I learned or heard while riding a train, so I’m already deviating from the central theme of the site right off the bat (I swear it won’t happen again). But, it is a good ice breaker. I saw this documentary on the BBC one day about building steam locomotives back in the day (the film itself was made back in the day too), and though it was fascinating. And then I found it on YouTube.

Going forward, I promise you’ll hear (or read) me talking about all kinds of other things. About a month ago, I made friends with a very nice weight loss, nutrition and I guess just general health specialist who I’ve been talking to lots. She told me some stuff that blew my mind. There’s also a group of IT guys (not exactly sure that they do), whose conversations I often listen in on. Good stuff too. So, that is what you have to look forward to. I hope my content will be engaging enough to have you come back soon (and often).

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Author:Mike Saul

I ride the train, a LOT. Partially by choice, but mostly out of necessity. But as much as I wish I didn’t have to do it, riding gives me an opportunity to meet new people and learn from them. And that I do enjoy.

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